A powerful volunteer movement in the liberation war against the Russian Federation - as a patriotic civic potential for the formation of a post-war, democratically developed, spiritual and highly moral society of Ukraine

Bohdan Kolodiy, Dmytro Holovach

The uniqueness of Ukraine has no analogues. Her history should be considered very carefully in order to answer a number of questions. In particular, why did Ukraine, which had and still has rich human, industrial and natural resources (compared, for example, with Singapore, which had only one resource - human), failed to convert its independence from 1991 into stable economic and democratic development? ... Read more »

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Unofficial conclusions of the public expert on the results of the international financial conference in London.

One of the main political events of June 2023 is an international financial conference of more than 60 economically influential countries in one of the key financial centers of the world - London, regarding the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, as a continuation of the similar, "first" annual conference in Lugano, where the truth from Ukraine was presented only general "show presentations" in the spirit of the "Ze" team.
A quote from the official news feed in the media space of Ukraine: "So what projects was Ukraine able to sell at this business fair, for what money?...
After "doing work on mistakes" after last year's conference in Lugano, the Ukrainian government finally figured out what it could do to attract the world's attention. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal called to take a closer look a ... Read more »

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On Sunday, 04.06.23, Volunteer of the "Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine" - a talented native of the people, a musical talent and singer - Yaroslav Hryhorovych Savchuk - "KOBZAR", with his sincere patriotic singing on Khreschatyk once again helped to raise funds for a car for the Armed Forces ( for the 42nd Company of the 63rd Brigade). ... Read more »

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This publication is more than frank, but the truth must be spoken without hiding it for fear of tarnishing the entire volunteer movement and providing a basis for defamation by scoundrels hostile to Ukraine, raising an uproar with calls not to give anything to Ukrainian volunteer organizations, because everything will be stolen there.

We urge everyone - trust and give donations only to verified volunteers and volunteer organizations, and not to various unknown persons and fundraising announcements "hyped" in the media space or on the Internet!

When you give help or funds to no one and think that you are helping - in fact, you are only doing harm, because you are giving blindly, simply trusting professionally and manipulatively created content for the enrichment of individual fraudsters, fraudulent groups under the guise of volunteer organizations or politicians to promote their own rating !

Finally, a truly patriotic association of volunteer organiz ... Read more »

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