Public union «Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine» – a community that includes both legal organizations engaged in active volunteer activities, volunteer teams, regardless of the number of their activists, and individual volunteers, with the aim of uniting efforts and interaction to increase the potential of the volunteer movement of Ukraine to provide strong support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to assist citizens affected by the criminal military aggression of the Russian Federation. The unifying foundation for the creation of the NGO "AVTU" in the fateful year of 2022 for Ukraine was formed by:
CO "Bohdana Kolodiya", NGO "KYIV PUBLIC CIRCLE",
CO "CF "Call of the Motherland", CO "CF "APRISE UKRAINE"

«Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine» - emerged from many years of volunteer activity of active patriotic communities since the beginning of the Russian terrorist aggression against Ukraine in 2014.

Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine

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The main goal is «Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine» - is to unite efforts on the basis of fruitful mutual support between patriotic public volunteer organizations and teams and society to bring about a speedy complete VICTORY over Russia and an active post-war revival of Ukraine!

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