A candid view from inside the volunteer movement.

This publication is more than frank, but the truth must be spoken without hiding it for fear of tarnishing the entire volunteer movement and providing a basis for defamation by scoundrels hostile to Ukraine, raising an uproar with calls not to give anything to Ukrainian volunteer organizations, because everything will be stolen there.

We urge everyone - trust and give donations only to verified volunteers and volunteer organizations, and not to various unknown persons and fundraising announcements "hyped" in the media space or on the Internet!

When you give help or funds to no one and think that you are helping - in fact, you are only doing harm, because you are giving blindly, simply trusting professionally and manipulatively created content for the enrichment of individual fraudsters, fraudulent groups under the guise of volunteer organizations or politicians to promote their own rating !

Finally, a truly patriotic association of volunteer organizations and teams - "Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine" - was created and is powerfully functioning, which exists on the principles of trust and selfless mutual assistance of true selfless volunteers, when each does not necessarily demand something from others for the part of the humanitarian work provided by him in return for his organization, bureaucratic reports, pompous thanks, certificates and awards.

It's no secret, and everyone who has been active in the volunteer movement for a long time knows that today there are many artificial (created under the authority or politically corrupt "pseudo-volunteer" structures, frankly fraudulent, or exclusively for the political rating of "volunteer "companies/firms", which with the help of administrative and international relations, they attract huge flows of Ukrainian and foreign humanitarian aid, and then shamelessly and criminally distribute it among themselves, sell it in trade networks, markets or online stores, that is, bastard rats get rich on the war, frankly speaking - on the blood of the Ukrainian Defenders and injured citizens who never received the help that the good people mistakenly provided to these swindlers! May these "volunteer thieves" burn in hell, just like the racists, but it would be better for the relevant law enforcement structures to expose them and imprison them for life imprisonment, as for treason, not for fraud! But, unfortunately, they are powerfully crushed by certain corrupt powerful, political and certain law enforcement persons or structures... that's why everything is fine for them as it was and even vice versa - they are under the noise of war much better to steal!

It is outrageous and disgusting to see how some such scumbags behind the screen of "volunteer or charitable" activities for the year 2022, without working anywhere, but "managing" "charitable funds" and "pseudo-volunteer organizations" significantly improved their financial situation - bought new cars, real estate, expensive smartphones, gadgets, fur coats for wives and packed all their personal pantries with humanitarian "goodness" so that their children and grandchildren will not have enough for their whole life!

And real volunteers - every day they selflessly look for everything necessary for the front, spending what they earn at work and even borrow in order to have time to collect for the next humanitarian volunteer raid!

Currently, with the help of this Association, where everyone knows and trusts each other well, volunteers simply post information in their chat, offer to share an existing humanitarian worker or requests for what they need to transfer to the front - and everything moves much faster than before, everyone on their own I searched chaotically only where I had the opportunity!

The more real volunteer associations similar to the Public Union "Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine" are created based on the principles of trust and proven cooperation to prevent "volunteer fraud and volunteer theft", the more we will practically implement the slogan of the new Ukrainian society: "TOGETHER WE ARE THE ONLY ONE AND INVINCIBLE!"

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

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