A personal view of the patriotic state of society in the rear

On Sunday, 04.06.23, Volunteer of the "Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine" - a talented native of the people, a musical talent and singer - Yaroslav Hryhorovych Savchuk - "KOBZAR", with his sincere patriotic singing on Khreschatyk once again helped to raise funds for a car for the Armed Forces ( for the 42nd Company of the 63rd Brigade).

The volunteers of the "Association of Volunteer Commands of Ukraine" are grateful from the bottom of their hearts to Yaroslav Hryhorovych, who is already 80 years old and who, unfortunately, on his volunteer front, has to do everything he can to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the criminal and brutal attack of racist orcs on our God-given and long-suffering for hundreds of years and tens of generations of UKRAINE!
And although the main goal was indeed the collection of funds, an equally important task was to support the patriotic spirit of Ukrainian citizens and encourage them to take more active actions to help the approach of VICTORY OF UKRAINE in the rear, while every minute, every hour and every day our Defenders risk their lives, get wounded and, unfortunately, die for us and for Ukraine!

All of us, those who are in the rear and in relatively safe living conditions, which are provided exclusively by the minute-by-minute sacrifice of the Defenders of Ukraine at the fronts, must be worthy of their heroic resistance and with all our behavior, lifestyle and responsibility for the fate of Ukraine, do good, charitable deeds to support Ukrainian soldiers wounded in hospitals, disabled after being wounded, relatives of those who died in the war and simply critically injured by racist terrorist shelling and occupation!!!
But unfortunately, in the center of Kyiv and not only, especially on Khreschatyk, we mostly see a completely different behavior of many "citizens", who behave as if it were a holiday - cheering, dancing, laughing - as if there is no war! And at this very time, not far away - 600-800 kilometers from here, our best Ukrainian boys and girls, who would also like a peaceful life and have fun and laugh, are constantly risking their lives at the front, getting wounded and dying!

Yes - Ukraine has not declared permanent mourning, but "only" martial law, and this does not mean that everyone in the rear should be constantly sad and constantly cry, but many in Kyiv and not only in Kyiv, feeling protected by the military, every day he celebrates something and generally lives in another dimension and does not even want to hear about the war, because it will damage his psyche! I would like to ask: "Will the conscience not hurt?", but the question is probably rhetorical, because conscience and simply human morality are most likely simply absent in such persons.
That is why Kobzar and I were very sad that the majority, "walking" on a day off along Khreshchatyk and taking their time, did not even stop to listen to the patriotic singing of the real blind patriotic folk singer "Kobzar" - Yaroslav Hryhorovych Savchuk, to share with us respect for Ukrainian Defenders! And it was not even necessary to leave money for this - it would have been enough to just stop, listen and thank the folk singer, who at such a respectable age sets an example of sincere love for his country - Ukraine!

By the way, they collected not much money - about UAH 600, but for this we are SINCERE thanks to the benefactors, because cars for the Armed Forces need to be made as soon as possible, but the most expensive donations for us came from the military themselves (We bow to them!) and teenagers and young people who, probably, they do not earn money themselves, but they did not regret what their parents gave them!
And the majority, unfortunately, simply "threw" money into the shell box on the go, as if to "Bremen musicians", but did not linger and went on to Khreshchatyk, where other musicians played simply entertaining melodies and songs, to which you could also dance …
It's sad, but it's a reality - in Ukraine, which is fighting for its independence, society lives in, as it were, several "dimensions". The first "dimension" - the most patriotic, sacrificial and heroic - at the front! The second "dimension" is the "dimension" of true patriotic, selfless citizens of Ukraine - on the medical, rescue, energy, volunteer fronts!

And there are also diametrically opposite "dimensions" - these are "citizens" of Ukraine and their relatives and surroundings, who exist indifferently, line up in comfortable conditions, luxurious palaces built with corrupt or stolen money from the budget, drive cars worth tens/hundreds of thousands "Bucks" - although everything is "good" for them, even since the war, they need "emergency help" from real law enforcement structures, not the ones like today, to put all these enemies and embezzlers in prison, and to return the stolen money to the state budget ! However, there are quite a few but poor citizens or those "citizens" of Ukraine who are internal enemies of Ukraine, i.e. supporters of "Russian peace", "Soviet scoop" and simply indifferent to everything except their own - i.e. ZHLOBI!
As Semyon Petlyura, the Head of the Directorate of the National People's Republic of Ukraine, once said: "We are not so afraid of Moscow lice as harmful Ukrainian nits!".


BUT EVERYTHING WILL BE UKRAINE!!! Ukraine will definitely and undoubtedly WIN because the TRUTH is behind us and GOD is behind us, and UKRAINE is rich in brave DEFENDERS-HEROES and such patriotic citizens as Yaroslav Hryhorovych Savchuk!
The people themselves gave him a popular title/call sign - "KOBZAR-MAN-HOLIDAY, MAN-VICTOR"!
Death to the enemies of UKRAINE!

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