International financial conference in London 06.2023

Unofficial conclusions of the public expert on the results of the international financial conference in London.

One of the main political events of June 2023 is an international financial conference of more than 60 economically influential countries in one of the key financial centers of the world - London, regarding the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, as a continuation of the similar, "first" annual conference in Lugano, where the truth from Ukraine was presented only general "show presentations" in the spirit of the "Ze" team.
A quote from the official news feed in the media space of Ukraine: "So what projects was Ukraine able to sell at this business fair, for what money?...
After "doing work on mistakes" after last year's conference in Lugano, the Ukrainian government finally figured out what it could do to attract the world's attention. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal called to take a closer look at the 5 most promising industries - agriculture, energy, infrastructure, hi-tech weapons and the IT sector..."

No exaggeration - great! This is really very important!
But I suggest to consider everything in more detail.
First of all, all the mentioned "5 most promising industries" are pragmatically not only more promising, but most importantly - pay off relatively quickly!
But who will implement all this in Ukraine? What is a human resource? The industries proposed for priority investment are the most mechanized and will not create a large number of new jobs, taking into account the fact that along with investments and imported equipment Western specialists will come to work in Ukraine.
Only as a "concern", this conference identified what international investors are worried about: "besides the war with Russia, there is another war that scares investors even more than missile attacks - the still-unfinished war on corruption." However, I would be more specific - not the "unfinished war against corruption", which is essentially critically all-encompassing in Ukraine and which has not actually started, because who are the judges and state "anti-corruption officers"? That's right - the same corrupters, that is, they wash their hands and pass it off as the cleansing of the government from corruption, which can create a certain illusion of "struggle" only for a certain "internal consumer", more precisely - a part of Ukrainian society, but not for an experienced international investor...
And where at that respectable international forum was there even a single word from a respectable official Ukrainian delegation, from representatives of the highest echelons of state power, about the critical and urgent need for financial support of democratic institutions for the formation of a developed post-war Ukrainian society? Because this is their "Kashchei death" existence in power!
It is the democratic development of civil society that is the key to the civilizational overcoming of shameful state corruption, in which the political and financial "sharks" are not going to invest, because it is "not profitable". They somehow and for some reason hope that corruption will be overcome by the same state "corruptors", i.e. "themselves". Well, "interesting", let's see.
But, unfortunately, for society, this is not funny, but tragic, because it raises a great suspicion that the world "financial and political" and business elite are not interested in the effective post-war economic development of Ukraine, as its direct competitor. It is simply more convenient for them to help Ukraine overcome the racist monster at the moment, and then really make Ukraine an exclusively militarized buffer zone of exclusion from the dangerous barbarian Orkish horde and a raw material base, investing most of all in the field of "high-tech weapons" in order to make us a modern armed advanced unit of NATO. who will protect them from the same barbaric Orc horde, and also one who will produce these same "high-tech weapons" with cheaper labor than in the west to sell on international arms markets!
This is not just sad, but a BIG TROUBLE"!!! Trouble for Ukraine. It is a problem, because post-war Ukraine primarily needs humanitarian aid in the direction of financing the development of a new democratically developed civil society. "Non-profit" financing of the process of creating practical and effective democratic tools in Ukraine is necessary for real, transparent public control of all actions of state administration, primarily starting from the local level, in order to block, including, the entry into state power of "incompetent, dishonest and unpatriotic" managers (according to the expression of the Great Ambassador of Ukraine - Bohdan Gavrylyshyn).
But this requires strong financial support from international funds for the development of democratic initiatives without any vassal obligations and for strong educational work with civil society on the part of independent from the state and truly patriotic, not sham and pocket Institutes of civil society, that is, public organizations, in order to overcome the historical mentality of Ukrainian society in peacetime - civic passivity with "peasant" thinking: "My house is from the edge!" Ukrainian society groups situationally only in periods of external aggression or internal critical social upheavals, which is unfortunately inevitable

This is exactly what, by uniting, they offer to the conscious part of Ukrainian society and valid foreign friends of Ukraine, and not to financial international "predators" - patriotic public organizations "Intellect Club of Civilizational Development of Ukraine", "Institute of Formation and Development of Civil Society "Digital "Viche" and "Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine".
It is here that it is appropriate to call: "Together to the VICTORY OF UKRAINE!", because apart from ourselves, a democratically and economically developed Ukraine is no longer needed by anyone! This is a fact.

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