The visit of the delegation from the Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy to the spiritual shrines of Greece continues -17. 05.2023

On May 13, 2023, a delegation of the Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy headed by Rector Professor Archpriest Alexander Trofimliuk visited the Pantocrator Monastery on Mount Athos, where they met with the abbot of the monastery, Archimandrite Gabriel.

The Pantocrator Monastery (Greek: Μονή Παντοκράτορος) ranks seventh in the hierarchy of the Holy Mountain. It is located on the northeastern side of the Ayon Oros peninsula.

In 1746, Father Paisius Velichkovsky founded the St. Elijah Skete, which until May 1992 was part of the courtyard of the Pantocrator Monastery, and then moved to the Vatopedi Monastery.



Pantokrator Monastery was founded alongside Stavronikita Monastery around 1363 by John Stratopedarchos and Alexios Primikeros. Their monastery was built on the ruins of an older monastery that was looted by pirates during the Frankish occupation, after the Latin capture of Constantinople in 1204.

The main church, located inside the monastery, dates back to the 14th century and is dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Lord. Due to the lack of space, the church is relatively small, but quite traditional for Athos and decorated by the masters of the Zografou Monastery school. The frescoes were restored in 1854 by the artist Matvii from Nausa.

The refectory of the monastery was built in 1841. The monastery has eight chapels inside the monastery itself, that is, surrounded by its walls, and seven others in the vicinity, along with many hermitages.

The Pantocrator Monastery owns the Cell of the Holy Archangels - Phalakros, which in January 2023 was officially transferred for liturgical use by the monks from the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

The monastery library contains 350 ancient manuscripts, liturgical scrolls, and about 3,500 printed books. Among the church clothes, items for church services and shrines of the monastery are a unique icon of the Virgin Gerontis, the patroness of the monastery, and a part of the shield of the Holy Great Martyr Mercury of Caesarea.

Our delegation presented a collectible commemorative coin "Mriya" to the abbot, Archimandrite Gabriel.



They also visited the Iviron Monastery on Mount Athos, where they met with the hegumen of the monastery, Nathanael.

Here, a prayer service was held to the Blessed Virgin Mary for the victory of Ukraine.

The Iviron Monastery (Greek: Μονή Ιβήρων, Georgian: ივერთა მონასტერი) is located in the northeast of the Ayon Oros Peninsula. The Iviron Monastery ranks third in the Sviatohirsk hierarchy.



The monastery was founded between 980 and 983 on the site of the old Clement Monastery, shortly after the foundation of the Great Lavra and Vatopedi. The founders are considered to be two Georgian (Iberian) monks: St. John of Iberia and Tornike Eristavi. Today, about 30 monks and novices live in the monastery, and for a long time there have been no Georgians among them, but there is a cell near Iveron where about forty Georgian monks live.



The Iviron Monastery holds many holy relics, more than any other monastery on Athos. The miraculous icon of the Gatekeeper, or the Iveron Icon of the Virgin Mary, venerated since the 9th century, is also still in Iviron. Not far from the monastery, on the seashore, at Clement's Wharf, is the spring of the Virgin Mary. The monastery's library has about 2,000 manuscripts, 15 scrolls, and 20,000 printed books, most of them in Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.


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