Signing of a memorandum on cooperation in matters of providing assistance to the military of the Armed Forces between the General Staff

To organize broad cooperation in improving the coordination of actions in providing assistance to the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the leaders of the A7297 military unit, the Public Union "Association of Volunteer Commands of Ukraine" and the Svyatoshyn District State Administration in the city of Kyiv signed a memorandum of cooperation and interaction today.

The signatories agreed to combine their efforts, capabilities and resources to implement measures in the following areas:
- consultations to discuss areas of cooperation and form coordinated actions aimed at improving the quality of cooperation and achieving the goals of this memorandum;
- holding joint meetings, round tables, meetings, seminars, conferences on problematic issues that arise during the implementation of this memorandum;
- inviting specialists on certain issues as consultants (experts) in order to find a joint solution to problematic issues that arise within the framework of the memorandum;
- promotional and informational support of initiatives;
- creation of an effective communication system between the signatories of the memorandum at all levels;
- organization of joint work on more effective assistance to servicemen of the Armed Forces;
- conducting events and gatherings aimed at meeting the need for specific charitable assistance in relation to the needs of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

United we are strong! It's always better to do a good thing together - that's why we unite society, the military and government bodies for the faster Victory of Ukraine!

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