AVTU charity event in Sovki Park 09/02/2023

Charity event in Sovki Park 09/02/2023 

Volunteer Teams of the GS "Association of Volunteer Teams of Ukraine" took part in an event to support the Armed Forces, in particular, our 131st battalion of the Svyatoshyn district of Kyiv

The "Association of Volunteer Commands of Ukraine" was represented by public associations of volunteers who have been helping the Ukrainian Army since 2014.

We, the volunteers, believe that until the final Victory of Ukraine over the Rashists in this decisive battle, Ukrainian society should be stronger and united than ever, because only together we are an invincible force!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the collection of funds for drones for the 131st armored personnel carrier of the Svyatoshynskyi district of Kyiv - more than 80,000 UAH were collected!

Separately, we sincerely thank the self-known Volunteer Teams "Bilychanski kotiki", "KOBZARA", "Dance studio Luna", and every Team that invested their strength and a piece of their soul in this charity event!

Let's non-stop, literally every day, help our Heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine bring our Victory over Orkostan closer!

Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to heroes!
Glory to the Armed Forces!
Glory to the Volunteers!

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